David creates content for comics, film and theater, including Go to Sleep, Little Creep (Crown Books for Young Readers), The Littlest Bitch (Sellers) Not for Children Children’s Books (Sirius) and I Sing the Moon (Rocketboots!) David’s best known for the Nightvision, 777: The Wrath and Faust horror franchises. Brian Yuzna directed the feature Faust: Love of the Damned (Filmax/Lions Gate 2000) based on his screenplay. A Deluxe complete Faust Omnibus haunts comic shops in October 2023.

Other comics include Marvel’s Doctor Strange, Midnight Sons and Carnage, Vampirella (Harris), DC’s Phobias, Lady Death (Chaos!) Aliens/Predator (Dark Horse) Ascension (Top Cow) and even The Amazin’ Mets (Ultimate Sports). Marvel reprints of David’s stories include Absolute Carnage (2021), Carnage, the Epic Collection (2023), Doctor Strange: Afterlife (2021), Doctor Strange: Nightmare on Bleecker Street (2023),and Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme Omnibus, Volume 3 (2022). David blogs at inwalkedquinn.com.